Our teams of engineers and technicians provide expertise and assistance in designing and installing fire sprinkler systems conforming to BS EN 12845 and NFPA regulations for industrial, commercial and residential premises.

We use specialist fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software that enables us to carry out hydraulic calculations of fire sprinkler systems, water mist, medium and high velocity water spray systems, hydrants and foam/ water monitors systems. Our FHC hydraulic calculation software complies with 16 different national and international design standards including EN 12845, BS 9251, FM AND NFPA, for fire sprinkler systems. It enables us to make correct configuration of the systems we install.

Our Sprinkler Services include:
• Evaluation and classification of hazards
• Supply of systems and components
• Evaluation of the adequacy of water supplies
• Installation requirements
• Testing/ Commissioning
• System maintenance