At the core of our business is a commitment to customer care and quality work. At the core of your commitment to safety is the need to maintain a fire protection system that is regularly inspected and tested.

Our inspection and testing services ensure that all of the individual and collective components of your fire protection system are in the best condition possible. Our expert professionals are trained with the knowledge of industry codes and standards and are able to identify issues that would put your equipment out of commission.

The suite of inspection and testing services that Prosafe Engineering Company provides includes fire extinguisher testing, emergency light testing, fire alarm testing, backflow testing, and sprinkler system testing. Our certified experts will also inspect these systems, identify problems, diagnose issues, and recommend solutions.

We want to help you protect your investments, not only in your property but in your fire protection system itself. Whether you own or manage a commercial building, industrial property, or if your fire protection system is for your personal residence, we’ll become your partners in fire safety.