All fire extinguishers supplied by Prosafe are certified to international standards and approved for use by the Brunei Civil Defence and Fire Directorate of the Ministry of Interior. Our engineers are trained to ensure that the equipment is fitted in the correct location and is ready for action.

Water Fire Extinguishers

These are designed for universal use against class A rated fires of solid matter such as wood, paper, straw, coal and textiles. Typical applications include offices and general industrial uses.

Foam Fire Extinguishers
Foam spray extinguishers, (AFFF – Aqueous Film Forming Foam), are ideal for multi-risk situations where both Class A combustible materials and Class B flammable liquid risks are likely to be found, or where Class B risks present a direct hazard. Foam spray extinguishers are especially suitable for Class B fires involving flammable liquids such as oils, spirits, greases, fats and certain plastics.

Powder Fire Extinguishers
Powder extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A, B and also Class C type fires involving flammable gasses such as propane and butane. Powder is also highly effective for electrical hazards.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers
Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are suitable for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards. The non-corrosive and non-conductive qualities of CO2 make it an ideal choice for dealing with fires involving electrical equipment and machinery.