With the increasing demand for fire protection of critical assets, assessing the risk from fire, providing the correct system to meet the customer’s protection requirements requires experience and knowledge.

Alpha has developed the expertise to undertake all types of projects for the provision and installation of fire suppression systems as specialist providers. From kitchen fire suppression systems to server room fire suppression, we design and install systems to the requirements specified by our clients. This includes a new patented Dry-Mist System that comprises of a hose reel, small tank of water and patented low pressure 25 to 100 Micron Dry Mist that requires no water mains, pumps or pressure.

Our Fire Suppression capability covers a wide range of systems, including:
• Water
• Water mist
• Fog systems
• Foam
• Foam mist
• Dry chemical
• CO2
• Hallatron
• FM200V
• Naff 125
• Inergen
• Novec
• Argonite
• Argon
• Aerosol
• Tube technology